The Lo Down on Fitness

The Lo Down on Fitness

Optimizing your metabolism through empowering exercise, wholesome nutrition, and sustainable lifestyle practices!


Find helpful articles on exercise, nutrition, hormone balance, stress management and even some simple & delicious recipes!

Coaching Services

From consultations to customized programming, there is an option for everyone to learn the ideal exercise & nutrition program for your unique metabolism.

About Me

Formal graduate education in exercise physiology and nutrition, met with experience & passion, provides a caring combination for sustainable change!

“Lauryn has helped me through numerous health struggles and has made me a true believer that food is medicine. Without a doubt, Lauryn is the most knowledgeable and caring coach.”

– Sunny, current client

As a busy mom, I struggled to find the balance in prioritizing my own health & fitness. Lauryn has helped dial in my nutrition, as well as my overall fitness mindset. Her perspective & guidance now has me living my fittest & healthiest self in a sustainable way!

– Megan, current client