Move Over Meal Prep – Here’s a Better Way to Stay on Track

I’m a fitness & nutrition coach, and I don’t meal prep. *GASP* “But Lo – you HAVE to meal prep! How do you stay on track otherwise?” Trust me, there’s nothing more satisfying than opening the refrigerator to stacks of perfectly portioned fancy glass storage containers with color coded lids. But what if I toldContinue reading “Move Over Meal Prep – Here’s a Better Way to Stay on Track”

Transform A System of ‘Sick’ Care into Health Care

Only 1 in 8 Americans are considered metabolically healthy, which is defined as having ideal levels of blood sugar, triglycerides, HDL cholesterol, blood pressure, and waist circumference, without using medications. Wait, what?! That’s right. That means for all you math whizzes out there that 7 out of 8 Americans have one or more underlying healthContinue reading “Transform A System of ‘Sick’ Care into Health Care”

Impress Your Guests (or Yourself) with a ‘Healthified’ Charcuterie Board

A charcuterie board, otherwise known as a “grazing board,” are all over the Pinterest pages right now. Master one and you have earned your spot in the ‘2020 Hostess Hall of Fame from the Party Planners Association of America.” Not a real thing? Bummer. In any case, I’m not one to back down from aContinue reading “Impress Your Guests (or Yourself) with a ‘Healthified’ Charcuterie Board”

Nosh On These ‘Movement Snacks’ to Boost Your Results

It’s a typical Wednesday morning. Your early morning alarm stings your ears as you aimlessly reach for the snooze button. The next 10 minutes feels like 2 seconds and you soon find yourself buzzing through your morning routine. Work drags on as you spend hours in front of your desk, and look down to seeContinue reading “Nosh On These ‘Movement Snacks’ to Boost Your Results”

Protein: The Macro for Muscle, Metabolism & More!

What would 2020 be if not for even more confusing information in the media around the ideal diet? You’ve likely heard of the vegan diet craze, fueled by Netflix documentaries and medical professionals chasing the fountain of youth. Or maybe you’ve been introduced to the vegan diets’ crazy cousin, the carnivore diet trend. Regardless, noContinue reading “Protein: The Macro for Muscle, Metabolism & More!”

4 Commonly Overlooked Symptoms of Poor Gut Health

The phrase ‘go with your gut instinct’ is a tried-and-true technique we use on the regular from the most basic decisions of our day, such as what sounds good for lunch, to more complex life choices, like pondering a career move. But how often do we really listen to what our gut may be tellingContinue reading “4 Commonly Overlooked Symptoms of Poor Gut Health”

Prime Your Pantry with the Real Essentials

Did you know that American processed food consumption is up 25% in the last four weeks?! As if our diet quality wasn’t a struggle already, rest assured that you do NOT need to be hoarding foods with no expiration date and an ingredient list that reads from a chemistry textbook! If you’re preparing to hunkerContinue reading “Prime Your Pantry with the Real Essentials”

8 Exercises to Please the Posture Police

Anyone else grow up with a teacher or parent that was consistently known as the ‘posture police?’ Like most things in life that come full circle, I now feel it’s my turn to flash my lights and show my badge as your accountability buddy in the crime against poor posture habits. Your routine may lookContinue reading “8 Exercises to Please the Posture Police”

Create a New, Healthy Routine Working from Home

In the midst of our recent practices of social distancing, many of us are likely realizing how much we’ve depended on a daily routine to stay mentally focused, physically healthy, and emotionally stable.  When that structured schedule is pulled out from underneath you, you may find yourself scrambling.  Transitioning from an office to working fromContinue reading “Create a New, Healthy Routine Working from Home”

Roasted Balsamic Brussels Sprouts

If you’re like most Americans, your daily vegetable intake is limited to baby carrots and celery sticks that you force yourself to choke down, or a drive-thru iceburg lettuce salad doused with ranch dressing. It’s ok…we’ve all been there – but I promise you there is a better (and more delicious) way to find yourContinue reading “Roasted Balsamic Brussels Sprouts”