Fitness & Nutrition Coaching Services

At the base of every healthy human metabolism is an unique, ever-adapting web of hormonal interactions designed to keep our bodies thriving.
However, in our best attempt to eat well & exercise daily, the weight keeps packing on, your sleep gets worse, and you feel like a failure. What gives?!
  • Do you struggle losing weight or keeping weight off?
  • Is sleep a non-existent memory?
  • Does your energy crash and burn without a continuous IV drip of caffeine?
  • Are your sugar and salt cravings through the roof?
  • Tired of workouts that seemingly provide zero results?

Ditch the next fad diet, juice cleanse, and insane 30 day shred program and let’s have some real talk.

Are you ready to put your effort into something that works?

If you’re looking for support, education and guidance in the confusing world of fitness & nutrition – schedule a 1-on-1 virtual consult TODAY! One hour. Zero commitments. Completely free. And a promise of TONS of your questions answered and a plan going forward customized for you.

The Lo Down ‘Power Hour’

A full hour, 1-on-1 comprehensive session to answer all your nutrition, exercise, & hormone balance questions!

  • Need help understanding your lab testing results and knowing how optimize it with nutrition & lifestyle changes?
  • Looking for recommendations on how to tweek your current nutrition plan to reach your goals?
  • Confused on what ‘diet’ strategy is right for you?
  • Want expert advice on your supplement routine?

Schedule a single 60 minute consult and leave with a renewed confidence in your plan of attack to look & feel your best self! One time payment of $199

Personalized Nutrition Coaching Programs

Nutrition is more than a set of numbers. It’s about building sustainable habit change through a step-by-step behavioral approach. Bring your custom nutrition report to life with bimonthly 60 minute sessions PLUS daily communication through food photo coaching & feedback. This program is designed for the individual seeking to minimize hormone imbalance symptoms, achieve body composition goals, improve their relationship with food, and leave ‘fad diets’ behind for good! Programs starting at $799

‘Master Your Metabolism’ Masterclass

This 6-week accelerated transformational nutrition program encompasses all aspects of developing optimal nutrition quality, quantity, and healthy food relationships into a sustainable lifestyle change. Offered quarterly, this small group style masterclass offers live virtual coaching sessions every Sunday 7 pm CST. This program is designed for people ready to make a permanent change toward optimal performance & hormonal balance. Included in the program are calorie goals, macronutrient targets, customized meal plans, grocery shopping lists, and personalized supplement recommendations. One time payment of $299

I know I keep saying it, but I can’t believe how much energy I have now – it keeps going up and up! I feel like I’m getting so much of my days back. I’m able to pick up new hobbies and maintain my old ones – all while making such simple changes to my diet & lifestyle.

– Cat D.

Stop spending your life dieting, and start using your diet to live your best life!

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